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Meet the team

Head Instructor/Owner

Mr. Allan Gagner has been working with weapons for over 20 years. He begun with fencing in college and by a random chance of fate he answered an ad in the newspaper that said "Sword Fighters wanted" for the next 3 years, with intense training, at over 8 hours a day 7 days a week, Mr. Gagner traveled with a small sword fighting group called Highland Mercenaries. They used live steel and performed throughout California at various Renaissance fairs/ Celtic fairs, and many birthday parties/ weddings where people would flock in groves to witness the battles that they would reenact. He quickly learned the trade and became the lead fight coordinator creating many of the shows making them as realistic as possible. Since this chapter in his life he has since consulted on many film, television,theater production companies lending his expertise in safety and realism with the fight scenes. He finally was able to take charge and open the doors and share his knowledge with the next generation of fighters.



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Office Manager/ Owner

Mrs Hayley Gagner is our Office Manager. When you sign up she will help you with all your needs. Don't let the desk fool you as she is no stranger to martial arts. She has studied thai jitsu and ninjitsu earning her black belt excelling at the Bo Staff. She also is accomplished actress performing in several films, television and theatrical productions, even performing internationally in Shanghai China. Currently she  is the one booking students, organizing awesome parties, and handling all marketing and business ventures for Knight Life. She is married to Allan, and is mother to their young son Tobias.

Other team
Greeter/ Cutie

Tobias is the studio cutie. The son of Hayley and Allan. He is proof that here at Knight Life, we welcome families with young ones that cannot join in the class yet. You might see him playing on the play structure in front of our doors, or is participating in any class he can get on. As a youngster he is already drawn to the sword and eager to learn and is a friend to everyone.

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