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We do  NOT require guests to mask or socially distance at their event if they wish not to.

Standard party . $350, 2 hours, and 20 participants: 

Activities options: You may choose up to TWO options for a party

Gellyball (Ages  8+) (only a $29.99 upgrade for ammo)

Sword Fighting (Ages 8+)

Nerf Guns (Ages 8+)  Participants will be required to work together and clean up the ammo.  This shows community and working together as a team.

Combat Archery(Ages 12+ no exceptions)

Please make sure to wear long sleeves and pants for extra padding.

Parents, please, make it easy on yourself. If decorations and bells and whistles stress you out, DON"T do them! From the countless parties we have done in past YEARS we have observed, the fact that with kids, they DO NOT CARE about decorations and all the bells and whistles. They are more concerned in either beating on each other or shooting each other.



We want to allow as many people from the community as possible to relieve stress in these current times, so after nerf events, participants will be required to assist in picking up nerf ammo and equipment so that we may quickly sanitize and prepare between uses.


Last but not least any household that leaves a review of the party with pictures or video on “Tracy Rants and Raves” on facebook/instagram and tags us @knightlifeacademy will receive 2 Knight Life Tokens for any of our Friday Night Open Gellyball! ($30 dollar value)


Do you have party needs? Well this is the right place for you. 


Click here for  a breakdown of a party

The birthday guest of honor gets to:

 *cut the cake with a REAL sword!  (under 18 yrs old cuts it WITH the instructor)

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