Parties are currently adjusted due to covid protocols

As per Tracy’s local unofficial covid policy, a customer’s covid choices for their family can not cause a business to be in covid violation. While the city can dictate that business employees be required to socially distance and wear masks when unable to distance, they discovered that it is illegal to fine or close business due to how well customers did or did not follow covid restrictions. 

With this in mind, our company has decided to allow customers to make a personal choice as to whether or not they or their children will be required to mask and socially distance when in our facility. On the other hand we will still require our employees to socially distance or mask where appropriate and sanitize all equipment between uses.

These decisions have brought us to create 2 different party structures to help meet the needs of our community. 

Standard party. $350, 2 hours, and 20 participants: Party will not require guests to mask or socially distance at the event. (Nerf guns only at this time)

Covid party. $189, 1 hour, 8 participants, and 2 parents of birthday child: Masks required. Tables socially distanced. Only 10 total customers in the studio to meet capacity restrictions. (Nerf guns only at this time)

We want to allow as many people from the community as possible to relieve stress in these current times, so after events, participants will be required to assist in picking up ammo and equipment so that we may quickly sanitize and prepare between uses.

Last but not least any household that leaves a review of the party with pictures or video on “Tracy Rants and Raves” and tags us @knightlifeacademy will receive 4 free guest passes for any of our Friday Night Nerf Wars!! ($60 dollar value)


Do you have party needs? Well this is the right place for you. 


ALL participants must be at LEAST 8 yrs old to participate. If we happen to have a FEW guests are younger, they will  require a parent or an older family member to help them. Especially with the  Nerf guns. Younger guests just do not yet have the strength to use them on their own.

Breakdown of party
We will start activities promptly on time.
The Instructor will begin with introducing himself to the group and give the safety protocols and all rules. The better they listen and pay attention, the more time they will have for activities. He will have them take their shoes off and start the activities.

After 35 minutes he will send them out for their first break. This is the time for a snack and drinks. It will not be a long break. About 5 minutes or so.
He will take the guests back inside for 35 more minutes of activities.
Then he will be sending them out for another break. This will be time for cake. We will also remind you that this will be cake time so we can have one of the tables cleared before the guests come out. This break will be a little bit longer
The Instructor will then take them out for their last portion of the party. We will then end with a few group pictures, then will be time for clean up.
We strive to make life a little easier for our guests. Please make sure to read through all the information.
Things we will have available for your use ( we will have this prepped for your event)
4 folding tables for guest seating
1 folding table for gifts
2 tables for food/drinks
30 chairs
Power outlet if you need to plug in any appliance
Trash bin/ trash bags
Handicap accessible Bathroom
You may bring any food or drink. *NO Alcohol* (even if it just for the adults).  It is against our liability insurance. Plus we do not have a liquor license and we are after all are a family establishment.
Food: Bring anything you like, just remember, the more you bring, the more you take home. Parents have found it much easier to bring simple drinks and a couple of pizzas and the kids are just as happy. Also less mess to clean up.  
At this time we do NOT supply any tableware (plates, forks, napkins, cups)
Don’t forget to bring a cake because the guest of honor will get to cut the cake with one of our real swords! (under 18 years old cuts it WITH the instructor) Some people like to bring cupcakes. That is fine, just bring a separate cake for the birthday guest of honor to cut.
Decorations are your choice. From what we have seen in the past, kids tend to not really care about the decorations.Although, if you are one that loves to decorate, go for it!
Tip*If you have lots of things to bring, a small wagon does wonders in limiting your trips out to the car.
We give you  a ½ hour before your allotted time slot to bring anything you may need for set up. We ask that you do not come sooner than that half hour as there may be a party still finishing, or we have not yet finished setting up for your event.
You will also have a ½ hour after your time slot for any clean up or waiting for parents to arrive. Please use this time wisely as there may be party arriving after your clean up time. *Warning*, if you choose to Nerf as one of your activities, we will be running our cleaning equipment during clean up time to gather up all the ammo and it does get a little loud.
Guests that come to the party that do not participate in the activities we don’t count. The reason we say 20, that is the amount of equipment we have per person. If we have 20 kids and THEN 20 parents that aren't going to play, we do not worry about the parents. Of course if there is equipment available and any parents want to join in, WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE THIS.  But if you would like to sit back and take pictures and videos by all means, sit back and enjoy the fun.
We have learned from parties in the past,  kids tend to not care about opening presents and have been bored and restless,so we no longer put aside time for presents. Kids are welcome to bring  them and we will have a table for them so you can take them home and open them there.
We will need a parent signature on our liability waiver for everyone that participates that is under 18 years of age. Everyone over 18 must sign for themselves. We will have this waiver at our studio on the day of the event.  
Up to 20 guests at a time. If there are more we can filter guests in and out.
We offer
*Sword fighting
*Combat Archery Ages 
But wait there is more! We have added in Brand New Rival Nerf Guns!
Everyone that participates are required to fill out and sign a release form at the event before handling any the weapons. 

The birthday guest of honor gets to:

 *cut the cake with a REAL sword!  (under 18 yrs old cuts it WITH the instructor)