Making decisions is not easy but when it comes to public safety, here at Knight Life we are in full support of whatever we can do to help prevent anymore spread of this notorious virus. As long as the schools are closed, we will do the same. All classes, and events including birthday parties, Nerf wars, tournaments, family night out, and League will be suspended until the reopening of the schools.


At this time our projected opening date is April 6th. If the schools schools decide to extend the closure, ours will follow suit.  we will keep you all updated 

We teach Sword fighting, Sport Fencing, & Combat Archery

Everyone gets the family discount!

ONLY $60.00 per month
Per student/per subject



Compare to other martial arts schools! We want everyone to be able to afford it and have fun.

Sword fighting
*Do you like Game of Thrones or wanna be a Jedi?  We can teach ya!

*Wanna be a musketeer? Or maybe a future Olympian? Come right this way.

Maybe you are a shooter
Do you idol Hawkeye/Green Arrow/Katniss/Robin Hood/ Legolas? Then archery is for you because we got something new. Combat Archery! It is like Airsoft BUT with bows and arrows!

We also do parties!!!!

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