This high quality, 100% Cotton Jacket* is suitable for both right handed and left handed fencers.

We highly recommend this jacket for fencing classes and clubs.

Please review and specify the following options before adding this item to your cart:

  • Gender**
  • Jacket Size

In order to appropriately size the jacket, please follow the sizing directions by clicking the “Sizing Help” button below.

* This jacket is machine washable but it must be hung out to dry. It will shrink after being washed.

** Female jackets come with inside pockets for breast protectors.



1.Take the chest measurement as shown by the graph on the left

2. Add 6" to the measurement from 1 for this cotton based jacket



ROUND UP if the resulting greater than 0.5" than the lower mark.

For example, if resulting measurement is 40.5, choose size 40.  

If the result is 40.75, round up and choose 42


34" 36"           38"       40" 42"         44"         46"                48"          50" up
X-Small         Small    Medium        Large    X-Large       XX-Large    Over Size

Fencing Jacket