all ages

Come and enjoy your birthday with your friends and family. With sword related games it is a blast for everyone. You may bring any food or drinks, ( please,     NO alcohol)

Up to 20 guests at a time

We offer sword fighting or Combat Archery 

But wait there is more! We have added in Nerf Guns Options











Everyone that participates are required to fill out and and sign a release form before handling the weapons

All participants under  MUST bring  a signed Release of Liability form signed. Minors must have it signed  by a parent or guardian to participate.


The form is available for download at the bottom of the page

The birthday guest of honor gets to:



$189.00 for the first 2 hours (20 guests) 


$229.00- For a combination of two of the following

*Sword Fighting

*Nerf Gun Wars

*Combat Archery ( must be 12 and up to participate in archery)​

Additional costs:

$100.00 for each additional hour



any cancellations sooner then a week before event results in forfeit of Deposit

At home parties available on request

 *cut the cake with a REAL sword!  (under 18 yrs old cuts it WITH the instructor)